Philosopher Alain de Botton had the idea for Living Architecture while writing a book about architecture, and feels passionately about the educational mission behind Living Architecture. His mission is to share his love of beauty, his role to select the architects ‘Living Architecture’ works with. He takes escapism to a whole new level. Every detail is perfection.



But there’s more, Alain de Botton’s School of Life offers tailor made Reading Retreats. You stay in some of the most beautiful contemporary houses in the UK and at the same time read specially-curated of relevant and useful books.



A Reading Retreat begins with a session (by phone or email) with one of the bibliotherapists. These experts will carefully consider your reading habits, your current ambitions, desires and stage of life – and then draw up a reading prescription for you, directing you to a highly inspirational, provocative and eye-opening set of books (be they novels, poems, essays or biographies) to read while you are away.


Armed with your reading prescription, you can then take off on holiday to one of the five extraordinary houses of Living Architecture, built by some of the world’s greatest architects on sites in Devon, Kent, Norfolk and Suffolk. In these tranquil beautiful houses (all additionally armed with their own intelligent libraries), you will be able to make your way through your list of books in surroundings utterly congenial to rest and reflection.



Sources: The School of Life / Living Architecture