Celebrating the homes, studios, and workshops of the famed art colony as well as their builders’ lifestyles. Captured in stunning color and warm available light are the plain and poetic, the exotic and beautiful, the funky and rustic shelters and workplaces of generations of creative residents of that unique Catskill mountain village. Its main thesis: great homes can be built cheaply by anyone with the vision and determination to go outside conformist architectural concepts and the usual straitjacket economics.


The Woodstock house, which is many houses, is almost always owner designed and built, using local materials from the surrounding woods and quarries as well as salvage from old farms, logging yards, dumps, and mills. Here is recycling, self-sufficiency, and communal “pitching in” before they were fashionable.



The gorgeous photos were selected out of thousands to permanently record the ingenuity and craftsmanship of these builders, and one can marvel at the varied ways found to keep the elements off easels, kilns, looms, computers, stained glass, table saws, and word processors.



In its original printings a best seller (150,000 copies), “Woodstock Handmade Houses” is a cult classic that was excerpted in major magazines and museum shows in the U.S., Europe, and Japan. Now with computer enhanced photos, this new edition is timed to the renascence of the Woodstock Generation values



Source: Hope Farm
Post by Coco Pastis