city-furniture owner Lenz Vermeulen


City Furniture is Lenz Vermeulen, who has a passion for mid-century and contemporary design. Since 1997 he specializes in collecting and selling items that are unique in shape, design and craftsmanship. In his (online) gallery you will find pieces from well known designers, but also come across items that are unable to place a name to but that have a highly decorative look. After having his first shop in Antwerp, Lenz realized the best way to be seen worldwide is to sell on the web. At the time that eBay was growing, He put his focus on online selling and soon after he did start up City Furniture. He was one of the first dealers with his own online shop and has built up a great reputation over the years in his field.

Today City Furniture has a very diverse clientele, and their items are shipped worldwide. From private customers to interior designers, collectors and fashion labels such as Céline and Yves Saint Laurent. Apart from the online shop, City Furniture also shares a gallery with upholstery studio Cover & Couch. You can find them at the center of Antwerp.


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