Since 1959 Pascal Haüsermann a bohemian architect had a dream to invent a new way in architecture. Looking for new forms of housing to build freedom in a space age time… It was part of an alternative architectural movement that designed to offset the conformism of housing. Construction depends on rigid business rules and offering another way to live. Unfortunately the bureaucracy was a result of this innovative momentum and In the late 70′s this went all down.


With more than fifty achievements Haüsermann Pascal is one of the most vocal among these peers. In fact over a period of twenty years (1955 -1975), they were a group of players to be part of this movement. The best known of these is Antti Lovag, but there was also Jean-Louis Chanéac Joel Unal … and many more.


Today, the evidence from this period are still visible rare and hard to find. Of the total Haüsermann Pascal achievements,there remain some twenty buildings. some of them are being restored.


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